About Our Services

Our services are each intended to support building and facility end users with all of their capital repair and restoration needs.

Capital repair and restoration projects include any major or minor repairs, or restoration projects, that can benefit from expert oversight. But before a project can even get off the ground, every Association must prepare wisely. The critical first step to all capital project planning is to have a detailed and well-prepared Reserve Study.

The Reserve Study should include replacement costs and useful life estimates for major capital building projects, so that the appropriate amount of money is set aside each year to care for these projects when they become due. With a plan and reserve funds in place, executing capital repairs, or replacement projects, becomes much easier.

Capital projects are often too complex to be bid out and managed by the end users of the building or facility. Furthermore, Condominium and Homeowner Associations have a responsibility to their residents to make sure these projects are done with the membership's best interest in mind.

This is where a consulting firm such as Consult can come in and provide the owners with an unbiased opinion and guidance through every step of the process from designing a solution, to bidding, and finally project administration. Hiring a firm dedicated to the residents' best interest not only protects the board members from the appearance of impropriety, but it also enhances the quality of the project, making sure the client gets the maximum benefit of each dollar spent.

Because of our diverse and extensive construction and engineering knowledge, we are also often called upon to investigate construction defects, water intrusion issues, and even act as an expert witness on these matters. What we learn during these investigations helps further our knowledge, which ultimately enhances the end product our clients receive through the projects we design and manage.

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