Defect Investigations and Expert Witness Services

Consult actively investigates building issues and manages capital projects which lends to their credibility as Expert Witnesses.

There are many qualified contractors in Florida, but for every qualified contractor there are many more that are not. It is unfortunate, but construction defects occur. Building finishes and components often get "value engineered" out of the budget during construction and the building code is silent on many waterproofing and structural details. This leads to end products that fail to serve their intended purpose and end users (owners) left with the problems.

Construction defects are divided into four primary categories: Workmanship Defects, Design Defects, Code Defects, and Material Defects. Properly investigating, documenting, and differentiating between these types of defects is a crucial first step in getting the problem resolved. Consult has conducted construction documentation audits, transition studies, and construction valuations in addition to our detailed defect investigation reports.

In Florida, contractors have the 'right to repair' and sometimes they do, but many contractors and developers opt instead to deny the damages or are just non-responsive altogether. If the next step is to seek legal restitution, Consult can provide the investigative field work, testing, and testimonials needed to establish the scope and extent of the problems for your legal action.

And in those situations where we determine that there is no identifiable defect, we will report that honestly and explain our findings and reasonings to that affect. An honest, well defended report can often save a lot of money and headache down the road.