Project Administration

Owner Representation is the focus of our Project Administration services.

Competence and Communication are the two hallmarks of Project Administration that must be possessed by your consultant in order to have a successful completion of any project.

Competence - The employees performing the inspections and reviewing the contractor's submittals should be able to discuss and answer any aspect of the project at any time. We conduct biweekly staff meetings to discuss project progress as a team, to make sure everyone is aware of the current status and issues at hand so that any of our staff who arrives at the project can answer all questions intelligently. Some firms choose to send out field technicians that are little more than casual observers sent to take photos, and they often cannot comment on matters of the budget or schedule.

Communication - The primary complaint we hear from our clients is that their previous consulting firm didn't respond in a timely manner and didn't communicate their field presence with the client. During every project we make sure we check in with the property manager or resident in charge at each site visit and discuss what was observed, directives that were given, and scheduling issues. In addition, every site visit will be followed up with a written field report electronically sent for distribution to the owner(s) or any board and/or committee members. We use the latest technology of tablets, cloud services, and remote computer access to make sure we can provide you with any project document at any time no matter where we are.