Specifications and Bidding

Ethical bid letting practices lead to projects completed with integrity.

The Project Manual is the centerpiece of the bidding process and contains all of the general and technical specifications that the contractor will need to execute the project and prepare a strong competitive bid. Many consultants fail to provide a detailed Summary of Work (describing at length each task to be executed) and instead rely on the Schedule of Work list as the extent of explanation. This leaves a lot of room for interpretation and Change Orders down the road.

We spend a great deal of time thinking through each task and describing the nature, extent, and expected quality of each task in our Summary of Work. This is also clearly written in simple language to be understood by the client and the workers that will execute the actual work. Making sure that the client, contractor, and consultant are all speaking the same language from the beginning is a critical first step to ensure a smooth project delivery.

At Consult, we pride ourselves on our separation from any actions or relationships which may create a conflict of interest or perceived conflict of interest in the eyes of our clients. We do this by adhering to some simple basic ethical principles. When interviewing consultants, be sure to ask if the consultant has ever received a "referral fee" from any of their contractors, or has had any contractual relationships with any of them. While we enjoy working with quality contractors, we understand the benefit to our client when we are not indebted in any way to the contractors.

The bidding process for private projects is not governed by the State of Florida, so every consultant has a different way of bidding out projects on behalf of their client. We require that bids be sent electronically and under sealed cover so that the client can be sure that no bid tampering occurred. We also have strict bidding requirements which allow the client to reject non-compliant bids and late bids at their discretion. The client receives copies of all correspondence between Consult and the bidders including any addenda that are issued and all project documentation.